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Still insanely busy
This is my daily schedule:

1. Wake up at 4:30
2. Take a shower
3. Get ready for work
4. Leave the house at 5:20
5. Get to work and clock in by 6
6. Learn all the things (hate some parts, love others)
7. Clock out at 2:30
8. Drive home
9. Eat dinner at about 4:30
10. Do homework until about 8 or 9
11. Go to sleep.

And I am sooooo not a morning person. I am super ready to start my regular shift with my regular hours. I also finally have some complete sets of scrubs (Khaki is not a standardized color, so all the brands are different. Oh yeah, I have to wear Khaki scrubs. The only plus side to this is that my Orange is the New Black costume is already done for Halloween.

I have a big test next weekend and it will be my first time taking my test there so that should be interesting.

My car is wonderful. I'm super in love with it.


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