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I guess I'll just collect jobs like pokemon cards.
I have an interview on Friday for a PRN position at Baylor. But I still have another few weeks of training at TMCP (and after that I have training at Walnut Hill), so I'm not sure they'll want to hire me knowing they'll have to wait until April to train me. At the very least, once life calms down a little, I'll have already interviewed and if something else pops up I'll be able to take it.

The flip side of this is that my entire life revolves around lab science. I go to work for 8 hours, come home and study for a few hours and then go to bed and get up the next morning to do it all over again. And it's.... a little exhausting. But it's still better than the alternative where I got paid to watch TV all night.. right? (It is better, I'm just so sleepy. I'm not a morning person and getting to work everyday at 6AM is awful). I'm ready to switch to my assigned shift.

I finally switched over to blood bank on Monday (after spending a hectic 3 weeks in hematology. That department is a total clusterfuck of disorganization and haphazardness. It makes my brain hurt. Plus their procedure manuals are terrible. So I'll be reading one, and I have to stop and ask tons of questions.) and things are already about 800% better. I keep hoping we'll have a legit trauma come through so I can do real emergency and massive transfusion releases. Also, I'd like to get someone with some good antibodies so I can go through the process of doing a fun workup.

So yeah. Things are going pretty well right now. Brittany and I are doing a catch up for Helix on Friday, so that will be a nice way to end the week. It's still weird being back in Dallas. Practically everyone I know is married or in a serious relationship or has kids or some combination of the above. Brittany thinks we should venture out and find other people to hang out with but I'm just kind a like "....why tho?" Like... making friends what? I feel like that kind of thing was so much easier in my early 20s when I worked retail with other party kids. But now that I'm in some weird category of "Look, I don't want to hang out with sloppy co-eds at crazy bars but I also don't find the idea of hanging out with married people at the Olive Garden appealing", I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. All the people I work with are still old (a common problem in labs), plus I'm still just enitrely too damn liberal for the south. It's a problem. But she's insistent that we need to widen our social circle, so if she wants to do the legwork, I will indulge her. For friendship, or something.

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Welcome to adulthood, you'll never make friends again and then you'll lose all desire to. It's already starting.

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