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What the heck
So I've been applying to pretty much every job I'm even remotely qualified for (including random research positions at RUSH and UT Southwestern) in both Chicago and DFW. I was getting pretty frustrated because I hadn't really heard back, except from a few expected 'no's from facilities that wanted people with like 8 years of experience, etc.

Welp suddenly this week I have 4 interviews. Granted, I just got an e-mail this morning to schedule the 4th, so that might not happen until next week but still. Including one that's supposed to happen on Friday when we're expecting an ice storm.

I had my first interview yesterday, and I think it went pretty well. After the interview they spent an hour showing me around the entire lab and hospital, and I'm not exactly sure they'd do that if they weren't interested. The hospital is a little smaller than what I wanted (it's only ~360 beds), but it's part of a larger system so I'd probably be able to transfer within the company after a while.

The interview today is the one I'm really looking forward to and want the most. It's in the cytogenetics department of a big lab in Chicago. I don't think I'm particularly interested in doing molecular work on a long term basis, but getting some solid molecular experience would be pretty amazing. The only thing about chicago is that I'd have to be making enough to live comfortably. Like, it makes no sense to go and then not have to stay home and drink moonshine out of mason jars. Priorities. I have them.


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